The Refined Teen

Ages 15 – 18 (Co-ed)

The Refined Teen is a group of students that are well into their teen years and on their journey to becoming young adults. Leadership skills are essential for success for this age group. Whether your teen is just entering high school or about to graduate and start their collegiate years, refining their etiquette skills becomes invaluable. This age group will focus most on real-world scenarios, social media do’s and dont’s, and how to further communicate maturely with adults and friends alike. These skills are greatly needed when applying for jobs, internships, interviews, and college applications. This course was created to teach participants the fundamentals of leadership skills and instilling the confidence to pursue their dreams!

• Respecting other people’s cultures & beliefs

• Honoring the values of your country

• Teasing and Bullying Avoidance

• Posture, Poise & Body Language

• Public Speaking Training

• “Netiquette” & Social Media

• Sportsmanship

• Telephone and Cellular Phone Etiquette

• Vocabulary Enhancement

• Job & School Interviews

• College Application Preparation