The Poised Tween

Ages 10 – 14 (Co-ed)

The Poised Tween is a group of students that will be transitioning from children to adolescents and the importance of etiquette becomes greater. It is important that we recognized the mental and physical shift this age group will be experiencing. This confidence building workshop is a well-balanced blend of traditional etiquette standards with contemporary manners for the 21st Century. It promotes leadership through etiquette, dining skills, as well as positive body talk. The workshop is specifically designed for this age group. When tweens/teens know how to handle themselves in different social situations, their confidence and self-esteem will soar!

• Meetings & Greetings

• Telephone manners

• Respect for self & others

• How & when to write thank you notes

• Peer pressure and sticky situations

• Showing appreciation