The Youth School of Etiquette (YSE) Advantage:

Collaborative Partnership between school administration, communities, parents and YSE staff ensures each specific program structure meets the requirements of the children and school community and parents.

Mobile ProgramWe bring everything to your location. Parents do not have to worry about transportation to and from an outside location.

Dedicated Executive Management Team, which comprises of current and former school administrators, provides leadership for our etiquette programs. Our highly experienced and trained team provides support, supervision, and training for all staff.

Etiquette Curriculum to utilize a variety of teaching and evaluation methodologies, including didactic modes (lectures, visual aids, textbooks as resources), coaching modes (independent student exploration and study with teacher assisting), and seminar modes (active questioning and interpretation through discussion of primary readings) integrated.

Safe and Prepared Environment for every child. Our expertly screened and properly trained professional staff observes the strictest rules for safety and supervision.

Actively Engaged Children.  Our balanced program of etiquette and character education offers enriching and enjoyable activities to support the interests and needs of children.

Contact us today  at 301-983-1800 or send an email to Gloria Ogbemudia at to learn how The Youth School of Etiquette can bring these fun classes to your location.

Our Mission is to partner with schools, parents, hotels, children’s clubs and other youth groups to prepare our children and youths for the future, and inspire in them; excellence, self-esteem and social responsibility for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.