Girls Diplomat Club

Ages 5 to 18

The Girls Diplomat Club is an entertaining and educational webinar program centered around manners, poise, and style. This virtual class empowers girls and young women to achieve their maximum potential by building confidence within their social skillset. This confidence building class is a well-balanced blend of traditional etiquette standards and contemporary manners for the 21st Century. We teach a much-needed skill through interactive exercises to create new life skills. We believe that we become what we repeatedly do. When our girls know how to handle themselves in different social situations, their confidence and self-esteem will soar!

The class is divided into three age groups:

6 to 9
10 to 14
15 to 18

Sample topics include:

  • The meaning & importance of manners
  • Proper sitting positions
  • Style and grooming
  • Skin, hair, and hand Care
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Friendship, meetings, and greetings
  • Sportsmanship
  • Telephone manners
  • Dining and table manners
  • Manners in public, at home and School
  • Self-respect for self and others
  • Social media etiquette and safety
  • Presentation skills
  • Party and play date manners
  • How and when to write a thank you note
  • Peer pressure and sticky situations
  • Teasing and Bullying Avoidance
  • Course available winter, 2020