The Polished Child

Ages 6 - 9

As parents, we see our children being bombarded daily with peer pressure and messages that do not always reflect the values that are important to us. This is a virtual class with foundations of solid social skills activities to include exercises and hands-on instruction. It also introduces students to the essential communication and socialization skills necessary to progress into the young tween years!

Sample topics include:

  • The meaning & importance of manners
  • Meetings and greetings
  • Magical words for getting along with others
  • Proper grooming and posture
  • Sportsmanship
  • Telephone manners
  • Self-respect for self and others
  • Manners at home and School
  • Teasing and Bullying Avoidance
  • Etiquette of Public Places
  • Phone and social media etiquette
  • Dining & Table Manners