The Polished Child

Ages 5 – 9 (Co-ed)

The Polished Child is a group of students that will be able to learn the core fundamentals of etiquette, while still at an impressionable stage. As parents, we see our children being bombarded daily with peer pressure and messages that do not always reflect the values that are important to us. At these ages, we know that children start to show more independence from immediate family members and tend to pay more attention to friendship and teamwork. We want our children to develop their own self-identity and to continue to build their confidence, independent thinking skills, and self-esteem. These workshops are specifically designed to meet the needs of this age group. They are highly interactive, fun, and in harmony with the growing emphasis on character education and positive self-esteem!

  • Kindness & Compassion

  • Friendships & First Impressions

  • How to properly set a dining table

  • Out & About in public places

  • How to politely interrupt

  • Practical life skills

The importance of ‘please’ & ‘thankyou’