The Refined Teen

Ages 15 – 18


Leadership skills are essential for success, for this age group in particular.  These skills are greatly needed when conducting school interviews, preparing college applications, as well as applying for internships and careers. This virtual class is created to teach participants the fundamental skills that are needed to survive in our rapidly developing world.  In addition, it’s time to re-think how we’re teaching our children about savings and money. In a world where money is most often a digital transaction, it is increasingly important for young adults to understand the concept of a dollar and what it means to both save and spend when money moves through apps, payment platforms, and credit cards.

Sample topics:

  • The meaning & importance of decorum
  • Proper grooming and posture
  • Manners of a guest and host
  • Dining and table manners
  • Manners at home and school
  • Hygiene and personal grooming
  • Job & school interviews
  • College application preparation
  • Finance and money management
  • Peer pressure and sticky situations
  • Teasing and bullying avoidance
  • Respecting other people’s cultures & beliefs
  • Posture, poise & body language
  • Public speaking training
  • Telephone and social media etiquette
  • Community service

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