Global Nest Book Club

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Question for you – should this program be under the lesson page even though it is not a lesson? Or should I just highlight it for what it is by assigning its own page?

The goal is to host a virtual global book club for children, ages 8 to 18 with emphasize on kindness, compassion, and manners; and are influenced by countries around the world. We want to enhance children’s innate curiosity and expose them to diverse cultures.

There will be one assigned book per month for each month that will highlight different countries monthly. We will provide discussion questions and lead a brief monthly discussion of the book online. There will also be opportunities for children’s discussion posts on the assigned social media platforms.

Become a Nest Book Club Member! (I will send the membership information and costs once completed).
1. Choose your membership option. 2. Check out. 3. Log-in and join us on our journey around the world. We welcome schools and other youth clubs to join us as well.