The Youth School of Etiquette & Decorum Advantage

  • Relevant Etiquette Curriculum which focuses on lessons that are applicable to the digital world. We utilize a variety of teaching and evaluation methodologies, including didactic modes (lessons and visual aids), coaching modes (independent student exploration and engagement with teacher), and seminar modes (active questioning and interpretation through discussion of primary readings).
  • Collaborative Partnership between parents, schools, youth advocates, and our staff to ensure that each program meets the requirements of our students and partners.
  • Dedicated Management & Teaching Team which is comprised of current and former school administrators that provide leadership for all programs.
  • Actively Engaged Children utilizing our balanced program of academics, social skill, and character education. These methods offer enriching and enjoyable activities to support the interests and needs of our students.
  • Giving back to our community is something we take very seriously and we always encourage our students to do the same. We are involved in our local communities by donating our time and knowledge to various community organizations.

We carry out our mission by being inclusive, and welcome children from all walks of life – regardless of their nationality or background.

Respect, kindness, and compassion sit at the very heart of our etiquette teachings and we focus on these principles as the major components of our etiquette courses. We believe that when children are kind and thoughtful towards others, it fosters an atmosphere of mutual respect where friendships and relationships can flourish.

“For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”
African Proverb

Our Mission is to prepare our youth as tomorrow’s leaders within a digital world. We strive to inspire in them; excellence, self-esteem, and social responsibility for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.