Etiquette Curriculum for 3 to 5 year olds

Children are in their most impressionable stage during these early years. This curriculum is an ideal introductory level course for this age group to learn proper manners, etiquette, social skills and table manners. We designed the lessons to foster this age group’s growth in a positive learning environment with an ideal combination of instruction, practice, role-playing; and character building lessons specifically for them.

Sample of topics include:

  • Sharing & caring
  • Friendship
  • Practical life skills
  • Magic words & acts of kindness
  • Out & about in public places
  • Respect for self & others
  • The importance of “please” and “thank you”
  • How to politely interrupt
  • Dining & table manners
  • Greetings

Sessions are usually 45 minutes once a week per group for six weeks. However, our classes are customized and can be tailored to suit each school’s time frame, budget and curriculum requirements.

Contact us today at 301-983-1800 or send an email to to learn how The Youth School of Etiquette can bring these fun classes to your location.